Fitness Trainer and Body Positive Activist Meg White has been in the health industry for over 10 years. She fell in love with fitness training in college, when she took a job as a personal trainer at a local racquet club. In 2011 she opened her own studio, Train Hard Or Go Home. Train Hard Or Go Home is an all-inclusive, body positive fitness community. 

 The studio’s fitness point of view is body longevity by improving over all health and well being. The program focuses on adding healthy realistic habits to your daily routine, and embracing the body you have right now. Your fitness program is personal and unique to your lifestyle. 

Train Hard Or Go Home strives to give you the tools you need to build and maintain an exercise regimen that improves the quality of your life. 

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Alex was introduced to physical activity at the young age of 2, when her parents enrolled her in ballet. As she got older she continued her dance training as well as joining the soccer team, basketball team, track team and volleyball team. It was  in high school that she came across the opportunity to volunteer as a track coach for a youth running club, which she gladly accepted. It was that first track practice that she knew she wanted to pursue a career within the fitness industry.

Alex received her certification in personal training through ISSA in 2015 and has since used that to train her clients, family and friends. She attended the University of Oregon where she worked with the track team and assisted one of the strength and conditioning coaches for the university. While in Oregon she also found her job training mentally and physically challenged children rewarding. She has plans to continue her education in Sacramento and obtain a doctorate in physical therapy.

Tanya was born and raised in New York but has called Sacramento her home since 1999. She first got into exercising back in the days when floor aerobics, (think Jane Fonda, shiny neon color spandex and leg warmers), was all the rage.  After she left New York she moved to a very small rural community that had only one health club and one aerobics instructor. When that instructor left, Tanya volunteered to teach the class. It was also at that time that she completed graduate school and became a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and soon learned that being a group fitness instructor and a social worker have much in common. As a clinical social worker I am sensitive to where the client is, emotionally, their inner strengths and challenges that they bring to the helping process. As a group fitness instructor. I consider things such as, what inspires and motivates the client, what challenges they had that day or ongoing challenges in their life that could affect the workout on a given day.

Exercise is great for clearing your mind of negativity, improving mood, and becoming inspired to accomplish your goals whether in fitness or in your day to day, just to name a few. My philosophy is: getting fit, being fit, and keeping fit are gifts you give to yourself. My motto is, the only workout I regret is the one I didn’t do.

Melissa has enjoyed all things fitness as far back as she could remember but decided to make fitness a career choice shifting from  computer engineering in 2015. Melissa has a passion for functional and corrective exercises. She is dedicated to building programs that correct posture and mimic everyday life.

After experiencing many injuries in her own training she is determined to keep a positive “can do” attitude towards staying active. She loves finding modifications to help all levels find success in training. Melissa believes that staying active plays a key role in not just health and fitness but also keeping a positive outlook on life. Melissa’s open and friendly personality easily make both brand-new clients and those who have been training for years instantly comfortable in the fitness studio.

Alton played high school football from elementary up until his senior year of high school when he injured his shoulder causing him to have surgery. After experiencing physical therapy as a patient, Alton was inspired to major in Kinesiology with a focus in physical therapy at San Jose State University. Throughout college he worked as a lifeguard at an indoor therapy pool as well as worked and volunteered as a physical therapist aide in Palo Alto, and Los Gatos California. After graduating with a BS in Kinesiology, he moved back to Sacramento and began his career in the fitness industry.

Amanda modeled her career after her own personal love for fitness. Her enthusiasm for the industry is what she calls her “Why” and her goal is to make sure everyone leaves their workout feeling stronger and more confident. She has a diploma from the National Personal Training Institute, and is an ongoing study in nutrition, health and wellness. Her promise to herself and her clients is to always lead with integrity, to be the best fitness professional she can be, and to always hold the knowledge that EVERY body is different. Move well and move often is the goal!

Annie was born and raised in Sacramento. She has been teaching yoga since 2012 when she became a massage therapist. Annie incorporates poses and stretches to alleviate problem areas and promote flexibility. Enjoying her life by being outdoors, exploring, sharing great food, spending time with friends and family, and of course practicing yoga.Her favorite quote is Tikkun Olam which translates to heal yourself, heal the world.

Aaron was introduced to Yoga by two friends. After his first class he was hooked. He enjoys how it made him face things in life that he had previously avoided. After practicing for four years he decided to join a Teacher Training Program, hoping to find discipline. Instead he found his passion. Now, a couple of years in to teaching Yoga he says he is continuously reminded of how we must continue to strive to put our best foot forward. Growing up in a fast-paced environment, he uses the practice to slow things down and become grounded.

Aaron says "My classes are always soothing, relaxing, and full of space for you to be comfortable.". He has an energetic Vinyasa class that's full of soul, and a relaxation stretch class that allows you to sink and soften in  your body while simultaneously stretching the deep tissues in your body.

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